Wild Romania, a new screening at TIFF Sibiu

Friday, August 6, 2021 - 20:07

After the sold-out premiere last night in Sibiu at TIFF, the documentary-phenomenon Wild Romania (dir. Dan Dinu, Cosmin Dumitrache) will be screened again in the festival on Friday, August 6, from 9:45 in the middle of nature, at the lake stage of the Astra Museum.

With premiere footage and unique stories about biodiversity, Wild Romania is an amazing journey to places of unreal beauty in our country. It's a project that shows us how much we need nature to keep our balance and urges us to awareness and responsibility.

“Nature has a lot to offer. Unfortunately, we are no longer as optimistic, as open to receiving these things and understanding them as such, and through this film I really think we will show what Romania has to show.” - Dan Dinu, photographer.

“I remember the longest lap of the wait was at a fox den, where I literally sat for 15 hours in the tent and waited to catch the fox cubs. I was watching the lair and I was waiting for it to come out, to come out, and the hours were passing and they finally came out twice.” - Cosmin Dumitrache, cameraman.

Loved by the viewers of TIFF 2021, where it won the Audience Award (Romanian Film section), the documentary will be released in cinemas all over the country in September.

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