Tickets are available online at tiff.eventbook.ro or through the TIFF Official App.
Tickets purchased either online or via the official mobile app are subject to the same rules
presented in the festival ticketing policy.
The only physical selling point in the festival is: Cine Gold, 1-3A, Lector street
Program: Thursday, July 7th - Sunday, July 10th: 3 PM - 8 PM


• Tickets for Habermann Markt (outdoor): 20 lei
• Tickets for Cine Gold screenings (indoor): 20 lei
• Tickets for EducaTIFF screenings from Cine Gold: free entry (requires a zero-value ticket
that can be reserved either online, or at the physical box office. Limited number of seats
available )
• Huet Square - free entrance, within the available seats


All tickets are scanned upon entry. Ticket holders who purchased their tickets online can use
either a printed ticket or an electronic ticket displayed on a mobile device. Access is granted
only upon presentation of a valid ticket for that specific screening (except children under 3
years who do not occupy an individual seat).
ATTENTION! Indoor tickets (Cine Gold) are valid up to 5 minutes before the starting time of
the screening.
No admissions allowed after the screening or event actually begins. Seats are not allocated
and are available at the choice of the audience.
Some films may not be suited for children or may contain sex or violence. TIFF recommends
checking the description of every film before getting tickets. Pets are not allowed inside the


Tickets cannot be canceled, voided, or changed. Refunds are provided only if the screening
is canceled in advance, due to technical issues, extreme weather conditions or other force
majeure situations. Please check sibiu.tiff.ro or tiff.eventbook.ro for details regarding
rescheduling. Tickets will not be refunded if the weather conditions deteriorate once the
screening has started.

In case of rain, Huet Square and Habermann Markt screenings will take place at Cine Gold
(venues 2 and 4) and require audience to buy a ticket for the screening.

For any issues regarding tickets, please contact us at: office@eventbook.ro